VW Wolfsburg Edition

If you want a vehicle with a small footprint, sizable cargo area, and economic engine, you should look for a fantastic compact hatchback. The VW Wolfsburg edition have not only a strong and durable body but also a comfortable interior. They are characterized by ease of control and a smooth ride, and to save fuel, the company uses ACT (Cylinder Shutdown System) in the latest models.

The Overall Rating in the Wolfsburg edition

The VW Wolfsburg needs no introduction. This car is a legend in the German car industry. The equipment is reliable, comfortable, and has proven itself well in our climatic and road conditions. The model’s dealer explains the fact that there are not very numerous of them on the secondary market.

However, if you wish, you can find a great deal from the used Volkswagen cars. You surely don’t want to miss out on this automotive. Interestingly, the Germans are constantly updating the model range of this series of remote vehicle access. Thus, the contact predecessor of the VW, the B7, was also released relatively recently, in 2017.

2017 Volkswagen Golf models- the Wolfsburg edition

Nobody expected a serious external evolution from the Wolfsburg Volkswagen – the appearance of this car is almost the same canonical as that of the Porsche 911. If you don’t see straight away how the updated Volkswagen car differs from the pre-styling, the updated car differs one, then don’t worry – it was intended.

The differences in Volkswagen- the Wolfsburg edition

Nevertheless, there are differences in the Volkswagen: the bumpers have become a little more embossed and aggressive, the LED filling of the headlights and taillights has completely changed, the adaptive cruise control radar has moved up from the front bumper, and is now under the corporate emblem. 

The Truth Behind Volkswagen Wolfsburg Edition

In the powertrain lineup, the 1.4 TSI petrol has been replaced by an all-new 1.5-liter Miller cycle engine equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger. The 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine in the GTI sports version has been increased from 220 to 230 hp, and in the GTI Performance version to 245 hp.

The Wolfsburg edition trim has an auxiliary audio input, Bluetooth connectivity, and speaker sound systems. In this Jetta Wolfsburg edition, the designers create more parts from super-strong grades of steel.

Now it is only 5% regular metal. Suspension elements fill are made of aluminum and alloys. Such changes made it possible to facilitate Volkswagen significantly. Different versions of the Volkswagen car have lost 40–85 kg, which positively affects fuel economy.

The interior settings of the car- the Wolfsburg edition

In this Jetta Wolfsburg edition, the VW Wolfsburg first rolled off the assembly line and continues to be the absolute bestseller to this day.

The sales situation is somewhat worse. But do not rush to blame Volkswagen for this; everyone loves it just as before, just the price for purchase of new cars in comparison with the previous generation has grown significantly. But let’s not talk about bad things.

How do the changes affect the car?

Volkswagen held a presentation of its update, at which it presented a large-scale technical update. It is worth noting that the main changes affected the inside lot; the car’s exterior remained practically unchanged.

What does the new car edition say? the Wolfsburg edition

The Jetta Wolfsburg edition claims that the new vehicles have a turbo engine, five speed manual, acceleration, airbags, and a slightly redrawn design. The boot capacity is 460 liters. Inside there is a 1.4-liter gasoline engine turbocharged with direct injection technology.

The engine power trim is 125hp, and the Volkswagen Polo GT accelerates to 100 km / h in 9 seconds. The package includes EBD, ABS, and power steering.

The Vehicle History- the Wolfsburg edition

The main differences begin in the interior of the vehicle history. Thanks to advanced automotive technology products like IQ.DRIVE technology, the Jetta Volkswagen, has received a semi-pilot system that controls the car at speeds up to 210 km / h.

Controlling the distance

The cars could previously keep the lane and control the distance, but this was at a speed of up to 60 km / h. The last year’s advanced model has been replaced with significantly cost-effective Wolfburg Edition trim with the fender audio and satellite radio system.

What are some of the technological features of Volkswagen cruise control?

Now, thanks to the advanced automotive technology products like adaptive cruise and lane control systems, Volkswagen has received new autopilot search capabilities.

The car search the presence of hands on the steering wheel, but now it will be enough to touch it with the apple carplay feature, and the autopilot system will take control of the movement.

Wolfsburg Edition Models, the updated version

It is also worth noting that the updated version received safety features. It is possible to control the damping force using a slider with a bunch of automatic transmission. Thus, the most rigid and soft suspension position has become more pronounced, giving the needed convenience. All this is due to the advanced automotive technology products.

How is the new model like?

We also did not forget about the update of the Jetta Volkswagen hybrid version. Now the updated Jetta Volkswagen is capable of a total electric range of about 70 kilometers. The automatic transmission trim remained the same, but the batteries received the main upgrade.

Unfortunately, the hybrid version in the Wolfsburg edition will never reach the market due to purchase price. Still, if we look at the engines that are more mundane to us, now we will see a new 190hp two-liter gasoline engine, which is intended to replace the long-familiar 180-horsepower 1.8.

How has the exterior design changed?

The exterior design of the bestselling Volkswagen has changed noticeably: the exterior is adorned with new bumpers, an updated front grille, chrome moldings, new headlights and wheel, IQ Light, and taillights with dynamic turning lights.

The front seats provide great support and comfort during long-distance drives. Besides, the rear passengers will also be comfortable.

The Jetta Wolfsburg edition model trim highlights the new passenger seat upholstery, trims colors, and multi-color ambient lighting traffic. The functional post navigation search set has expanded due to updated multimedia systems with trim levels and personalization capabilities.

Volkswagen’s Climatronic air conditioning systems have now been converted to digital format – it can be controlled using touch controls and buttons with EPA estimates. 

The Dimensions of Volkswagen

The dimensions of the Volkswagen body also succumbed to changes. It has become narrower and shorter (1,832 x 4,767). But on the new model, the wheelbase and width are increased.

It is interesting that in cars for different countries, the clearance is different. Thus, the dealer took care of the passability of the remote vehicle access, took into account the problems of the roads. 

Its outstanding features

As mentioned earlier, the exterior of the Volkswagen Wolfsburg vehicles has remained practically unchanged. The only noticeable difference is the lettering on the rear seats and front seats, which is now larger and centered.

Volkswagen also traditionally refreshed bumpers, nameplates, and optics. As for the latter, all optics, including fog lights, have become diode, but outwardly you can hardly guess the updated version in it.

The updated Volkswagen display

Volkswagen did not forget to update the displayed search. It features high image quality, updated display features. The multimedia systems were also updated; it became more and more similar to the multimedia of the other cars made previously.

Final Thoughts

The VW Wolfsburg editions cover not only the interior but also the display of this great machine. Moreover, the Jetta Wolfsburg edition doesn’t forget about the trim levels with the fog lights. The customers are surely happy with the activated systems.

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