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You choose volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf R? When we do a car-vs-car comparison, we usually want to compare the strengths and weaknesses between two models. Not close relatives under the same banner. Except that we are dealing with two major players in the compact sports segment, which is the subject of a seemingly endless discussion, akin Nikon-vs.-Canon or Lennon vs McCartney. Did we mention that this would take place on the ice.

Golf GTI

The 2019 volkswagen Golf GTI is the corner. VW golf was the first vehicles to be introduced in Europe in 1976. In North America, it was called Rabbit GTI in 1983. The VW engineers took the Rabbit and gave it adrenaline. This didn’t affect the practicality of the hatchback model or the price.

Golf R

The 2019 volkswagen  Golf R can be found in the opposite corner. Volkswagen Golf R is a younger model than the original hot hatch. New Golf R was first seen here in 2011, under the R badge, in limited quantities to accompany the sixth generation of Golf. After the raging success of this future collector’s item, VW brass decided to make a volkswagen Golf R in a larger quantity. Canadian buyers fell in love with the tiny German bomb, despite the highvalue tag.

However, connoisseurs will inform you that today’s performance Golf with standard all-wheel drive is a result of the 2019 volkswagen  Golf R – hot hatch. This was the fourth generation of Golf. A Golf R32 variant was also added to the fifth-generation model, but it never made it over the Canadian border.

Rallye edition

You will need to go back to the second generation of the vw Golf to find a Rallye-badged model. The Rallye edition, like the R32 and R32, had AWD and more powerful mechanics. It didn’t make it to North America in this case.

The Cole’s Notes History of the Golf provides the background to the epic battle between 2019 volkswagen golf GTI vs 2019 volkswagen Golf R.

Two- or four-wheels drive.

This is the obvious answer to the question. The 2019 volkswagen Golf R offers more horsepower grip on frozen lakes, such as the one we visited in Quebec at Volkswagen Canada’s invitation to test the 2019 versions of several VW models. Volkswagen used studless winter tires to shod the cars for this day of driving.

The 2019 volkswagen golf GTI would have been better able to defend itself if it had the studs. But no matter. VW wanted the cars to be driven by their owners, so they didn’t fit tires that were not allowed in certain regions of Canada.

Even the 2019 volkswagen Golf R struggled to negotiate corners on a mirror-smooth surface in this challenging context. A set of studs could have made things much easier, but that didn’t stop us testing the two German compacts in a closed circuit.

Behind the wheel

When compared to a volkswagen Golf GTI that relies on its front wheel drive for power and grip, the advantages of an all-wheel-drive system outweigh any disadvantages. AWD can be a huge safety boost when the road surface becomes slippery, winter or summer.

However, this doesn’t mean you should leave your two-wheels drive new cars in the garage until spring, the most accurate monthly payments will disturb you Although AWD is becoming more common in new vehicle registration fees, many Canadian drivers still prefer the traditional way of driving.

Although the GTI performed well, it was unable to keep up in extreme conditions such as those encountered at the Sacacomie Hotel in Quebec. Although the latter is a more comfortable wagon than the most powerful Golf, it was still able to beat the GTI in this situation.

We’ve pitted brother against brother in the interest of science.

You can be sure that the results would have been very different on dry asphalt surfaces. I have had the opportunity to test drive both the GTI as well as the R on many occasions. I can assure you that the results would be quite different on a dry asphalt surface. AWD technology makes the 2019 Golf R a car that hides road imperfections. Even though it has fewer horsepower, the GTI is sharper and more responsive in its accelerations, but unfortunately, closed service hours Monday.

The four-wheel-drive Golf R’s Golf R was an enormous advantage on this day. In 95% of everyday situations, however, the GTI is able to provide everything a driver needs.

2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Rabbit Edition

We were given a volkswagen golf GTI and golf r to test on the day. It is a mid-level trim of the GTI hierarchy. It is less well-equipped than the Autobahn version and is targeted at driving enthusiasts. The GTI has the Rabbit-exclusive set shocks and DCC (Dynamic Chip Control) system that can change the car’s driving behavior with one touch.

This option is only available for the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which was our test model. Additional character-enhancing elements include the 18-inch Pretoria alloy wheels and the Cornflower Blue colour. The pictures show that this edition is quite striking in the ocean of white.

The volkswagen Golf GTI has a limited-slip differential to help it grip the road. This is very important for quick exits from corners. The GTI would be completely outclassed without this feature.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf R, on the other hand, is dressed in a more elegant outfit without being too extravagant. The four exhaust tubes at the back signal the car’s intent. The fender is unique to this model. And the wheel arches are well filled in by the 19-inch alloy tires. The GTI’s more powerful engine is what sets the R apart, but the reactive 4 Motion technology is what makes the R stand out, six speed manual.

The system works in front-wheel drive. However, if the sensors detect any skidding, the rear axle activates to assist the driver. The Golf R was not able to perform at its best on ice, but in normal winter driving, the highest-performance Golf available on the search market, sleet and ice.

The Golf GTI

The pricing factor is a major factor in who becomes a GTI enthusiast or a R freak. GTI Rabbits start at $33,995 without delivery/prep. The Golf R’s pound of flesh is at least $42,495 prior to delivery/prep.

The GTI is slightly more difficult to drive daily than the Golf. The GTI is still the benchmark in its segment and a cut above all the rest, even though it will be getting a complete overhaul.

The Golf R: Advantages

The Golf R has more power and a drivetrain that is well-suited for Canadian winters. The question is: Is it worth the significant price difference? There are also horror stories that occasionally threaten the reliability of the Golf R. This is a fact that should not be ignored!


2019 Golf GTI vs 2019 Golf R 

Consumption (city)

9,6L/ 100 km 11,4L/ 100 km  

Consumption (highway)

7.5L/ 100 km 8.2L/ 100 km 

Fuel tank

50 litres 55 litres   


228 horsepower 288 horsepower 


258 lb-ft 280 lb-ft 


2.0 litres 2.0 litres     


2 yrs/80,000 km 2 yrs/80,000 km    


$33 995 $42 495

Our verdict

The Golf GTI is a great choice for those who don’t mind driving a sporty car with 2-wheel drive. If your budget allows or good estimated credit score in dealer, the Golf R may be the perfect car to your life. Exactly what your need.

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