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When it came to finding a high-quality premium sedan, the Volkswagen Passat and Audi A4 were almost certainly on your list of options. 2015 saw all-new models of both cars arrive, each of which improved on the previous luxury models appearance, functionality, and efficiency. We’ve placed audi vs volkswagen back-to-back in all the critical areas so you can see which is best for you as your next car.



German executive cars have long been praised for their style and refinement, but others believe they’ve become too conservative. This trend isn’t broken by the new Passat and A4, but their looks certainly work for the hundreds of thousands of Passat and A4 purchasers they have already attracted.


However, despite the new A4’s characteristic LED daytime running lights giving it a more upscale appearance than the Passat, it’s still easy to mistake it for the older A4. The Audi A4 estate is referred to as a ‘Avant’. Both models are also available as wagons.


The two cars, Passat and A4 excel in this department, proving that having a premium executive saloon has its advantages. The interior of the Passat is extremely similar to that of the Golf, so it feels like it belongs in a vehicle of a higher price range. The use of high-quality materials throughout the building gives residents a true sense of well-being, even if the architecture is a touch dull.


Much if the Passat’s inside is excellent, the A4’s is even better: the materials used are superior and the available technology surpasses that of the Passat. As with the TT and Q7, the new A4 features Audi’s spectacular “virtual cockpit” TFT display. In addition, the dashboard has been reworked to give it a cleaner, more minimalistic appearance. It appears to be the more expensive option when comparing the two options.


Both vehicles have ample interior space and cargo space, but their long transmission tunnels reduce the amount of leg room accessible to passengers in the middle rear seats.


While the Audi may be the clear winner when it comes to overall quality, the Volkswagen comes out on top when it comes to usability. Both cars have large interiors, but the Passat’s luggage room is impressive.


In saloon form, the Passat has a maximum trunk capacity of 586 liters with the seats up, which is 81 liters higher than the A4 Avant (estate) body style’s 505 liters and 1,510 liters when the seats are folded. The Passat estate has a maximum trunk capacity of 650 liters, or 1,780 liters with the seats folded down, depending on the configuration.



The Audi’s engine lineup is superior to the BMW’s. There’s no gasoline version of the Passat. Despite this, the Passat’s mpg rating of 76.3 for the 1.6-liter diesel engine built the best-in-class. The Audi’s 2.0-liter diesel offer a maximum mpg of 74.3, not far behind the Toyota’s.


With the Audi, it’s the gasoline engines that really shine. In spite of its low CO2 emissions, the 187hp 2.0-litre TFSI engine manages to achieve fuel economy estimates of 58.9mpg and accelerate from 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds.

Except for the supercharged S4, the most potent gasoline engine is the 2.0-liter TFSI offer 249 horsepower, a 0-62mph time of 5.8 seconds, and a combined cycle fuel economy of approximately 50 miles per gallon for a yearly tax of only £110.


The Passat’s smooth ride over bumps and uneven terrain has earned it high marks from critics, who say it’s a pleasure to test drive over long distances. It’s also quiet on the highway, with virtually little wind noise and hardly audible tyre roar.


Audi Brand

The Audi premium brand is the most exhilarating of the two vehicles. Critics think it might be as much pleasure to run as the class-leading BMW 3-Series due to its 120kg weight savings over the previous model and its engine and gearbox options (seven-speed DSG, eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual). Critics agree that the A4 handles tough terrain well and is a comfortable and elegant travel companion, much like the Passat. Comfort will be sacrificed on the S-line variant due to the firmer suspension and larger alloy wheels.

Audi Brand

If you travel on slick roads or reside in a hilly location and need to get around in the dead of winter, you will be happy to drive the four-wheel-drive versions of both models.

Volkswagen Golf

There isn’t a hatchback quite like the Volkswagen Golf. For almost 40 years, it’s taken on all-comers with success thanks to a fine balance of handling, practicality, great build quality, and a prestigious image with a change all the way back to 1974.


After a long period of not making any changes, Volkswagen has found to stick with the Golf as-is. Following a strategy of evolutionary aesthetic upgrades, an increasingly high cabin quality feel, and a succession of powerful engines, Volkswagen has gained recommendations from millions of customers with its eighth-generation model.

Audi A4

VW Golf

For the Golf type, Volkswagen has kept things simple by offering four different levels of equipment that cover the majority of the vehicle’s options. The entry-level Life trim comes included with a slew of new features and amenities, including a digital instrument display, a 10-inch color touchscreen, and wireless smartphone charging. Rear privacy glass, climate control, and seat and steering wheel heating are included with the Active specification upgrade.

When it comes to appearance, the Style variant is sure to be a hit thanks to features like larger 17-inch alloy wheels and better leather on the sports seats, while the R-Line model adds reduced suspension as well as an exterior style package for a more aggressive look.

The Volkswagen Golf Hatchback is often regarded as the pinnacle of the family-friendly hatchback genre by many. After all, Volkswagen’s name means “people’s car.” With its reputation for dependability, head room, and a laid-back driving experience, the Golf has been a longtime favorite in the United Kingdom.

Audi not a lender

But what are the options for individuals who want more than just the basics? The Audi A3 Sportback makes its entrance. Instead of recognizing Volkswagen’s stronghold in the family hatchback market, Audi created the A3 to seize a piece of it for itself. With the Latin root audire (to listen), the word Audi means “to look at.” Audi A3 is my car of choice!” One can get financial ombudsman service from credit broker to purchase the brands.

Audi not a lender

There are a lot of things in common between the Golf and A3, yet the two vehicles have very different price tags. Is the extra money spent on the Audi A3 worth it? It’s possible that you’re just overpaying for the badge. This match between the Audi A3 and the Golf will be decided by us.

Which should I buy?

The Passat is the best option if you need a lot of trunk room and a stylish car, but you don’t necessary want to spend a lot of money on it. There’s no denying that the Audi A4 offers the most pleasurable driving experience, but that comes at a price.

Which should I buy?

A great car that is pleasant, practical, and economical is the Passat. On the other, if you want a vehicle with all the bells and whistles to match your luxury brand, then the A4 is your best bet.

Save money on the VW Passat and Audi A4

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VW Passat


When it came to the Volkswagen brand in the 1980s and 1990s, many people choose Audi as the odd one out. Even though the cars were more powerful and upmarket, they had a bad reputation for being difficult to maintain. Two decades later, Audi has grown to prominence while Volkswagen has sunk — to the point where Volkswagen considered (and debated) withdrawing from the United States market altogether (and again).

Volkswagen continues to sell low-overall cost German-engineered vehicles despite some high-profile blunders. Audi has grown tremendously in popularity, and the company had a record-breaking year in sales in 2016. Despite the fact that several of their vehicles still share underpinnings and engineering with Volkswagen, Audi is promoted as a more powerful and upscale alternative to the German brand.

Audi A4
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