10 Best single din head unit car stereo in 2022

Car head units are the central control of any car’s stereo system. It’s the place where you can listen to music and access radio stations. Even though you stream music via your smartphone, it will still pass through the headunit before reaching the speakers. So, the head unit acts as the brain and heart for a complete car stereo setup. However, the factory head units can be less functional and provide low quality sound. To improve the sound quality of your car, you can only install an aftermarket unit.

Head units are single or double din. A standard that specifies the specific height and width for a headunit is called single din. For a uniform fit, manufacturers must design head units of the same height and width. Single din units are popular because they fit into most dashboards. Because they fit in most dashboards, they are compatible with almost all cars. These units are also more functional than factory head unit. With that in mind, here’s an overview and buying guide for the best single din head units currently on the market.

Background of the car stereo review, choose the best

Many car owners don’t know where to begin when upgrading their car stereo. The best place to begin is investing in your car’s heart and brain, which means getting the best headunit. It can be difficult for car owners to pick the right head unit. We get many questions about single-din head units. To help car owners who are looking for single dine car stereos, we reviewed the top single dins on the market.

After comparing hundreds of single din models, we were able to select 10 of the most outstanding single dins. The best single dins are based on head units with the most features and the fewest flaws. We collected reviews from users and analyzed the features using information from different manufacturers. You can be sure that the review will help you find the best head unit for your car. Continue reading for our reviews.

Our Top 10 Best Single Din Head Unit reviews

Don’t have much time to through all the details? Take a look at the summaries of each stereo to understand their potential.

There are many single-din car stereo units on the market today. However, they are not all created equal. Although they share the same height, width and features, they have very different features. Here are the top 10 single-dins on the market right now, with their unique features and shortcomings.

Pioneer Single DIN DEH-S1100UB

Pioneer is a brand that can be found in nearly all car stereo components. Pioneer is a leader in the manufacture of car stereo systems and is one of the largest sound system manufacturers. It’s not surprising that the Pioneer DEH-1100UB single-din leads our review. Here are the reasons we ranked it at the top:

Unique Features

  • Detachable Faceplate – The DEH-1100UB Pioneer single-din comes with a removable faceplate. In case your car stereo’s safety is in question, you can remove the faceplate from the vehicle and take it with you. The faceplate can be removed so that thieves won’t have any incentive to steal your base unit. This reduces the possibility of theft.
  • Front USB Port – This head unit offers a significant benefit: support for USB playback. The USB port is also located on the front. It is easy to plug in and play music using USB devices, such as flash drives and USB memory card readers. The USB can be used to charge your smartphone.
  • CD player – This head unit will allow you to play music files that have been burned onto compact discs. The CD player can playback different formats of CDs, including CD and HTML-R. This single din allows you to go old-school.
  • Supports multiple music file formats – Having a head unit capable of playing back multiple music formats is a great thing. The single din can playback most common music formats, including WAV, WMA and MP3. This means that you don’t need to convert between music file types before they are played on your headunit.
  • AUX output – This head unit comes with an AUX input, which allows you to connect it to other audio sources. You can connect it to your smartphone, or any other audio source that has an AUX port with a 3.5mm male-tomale AUX cable.

  • RDS tuner
  • Bass booster
  • AUX input
  • Rotary volume control
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • It is a little difficult to navigate the controls
  • It is difficult to see clearly on a sunny day because the display isn’t bright enough.


Pioneer Single DEH-1100UB has all the features you could want in one din. This is a great option for those who want a head unit features compatible with Android smartphones.

Kenwood KMM – BT325

The Kenwood KMMBT325 Bluetooth Media Player has been specially designed to allow you to enjoy your favorite music in your car. BT allows you to stream music wirelessly. You can stream music wirelessly from your BT-enabled phone while you’re driving.

Unique Features

  • A user-friendly digital display – If you are having trouble using newer technologies and prefer a single-din head unit that can do everything quickly, this receiver is for you. The digital display is easy to read and interpret. The digital display is easy to read and interpret for improved usability.
  • Two Bluetooth devices – While some head units can only connect one BT device, the Kenwood head unit can connect two built-in bluetooth technology simultaneously. You and your passenger can both connect their single din bluetooth car stereo -enabled tablets or smartphones simultaneously. You can stream music from one BT device to the other, and you don’t have to disconnect the other.
  • Easy navigation – The control buttons and volume knob allow you to navigate the receiver’s menu easily. It is easy to navigate the buttons by labeling them. It is easy for even a novice user to operate new head units on the market.
  • Supports Pandora – The head unit can support Pandora streaming. Pandora allows you to stream podcasts, radio and music for a personal music experience. Your Pandora account can be customized to show you your favorite songs, artists, and genres.
  • Hands-free calling – Another great feature is the ability to make hands-free calls. Simply connect your smartphone via BT to make hands-free calls. This will allow you to talk on your smartphone hands-free, while still keeping your eyes on driving for safer driving.

  • Get a pair of Alphasonik headphones for free
  • Most audio files supported
  • Graphic equalizer 13-band
  • Three preamplifier outputs are available for subwoofer, rear and front speakers
  • Features 4 channels, each with a rating of 22 watts RMS or 50 watts peak power.
  • Volume can’t exceed 35
  • It’s not the most attractive design for the latch to remove the faceplate.


Kenwood KMMBT325 Bluetooth Media Player is the perfect head unit for those looking for modern functionality and ease of use.

BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB

Boss Audio Systems 616UAB single DIN is made for affordability. This unit has many amazing features at an affordable price. We included it in our review because we believe that budget-conscious car owners can get a high-quality head unit for a reasonable price. These are its best features:

Unique Features

  • Inbuilt microphone – This stereo has an amazing feature: it comes with an inbuilt microphone. It makes it easy to make and receive calls hands-free. The head unit will connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It makes driving safer.
  • Illuminated buttons – The buttons controlling the head unit’s functions are illuminated. It makes it easier for you to use the head unit at night. It won’t be difficult to identify which button is responsible for what. You can dim the illumination to adjust the brightness of the buttons.
  • Dimmable illuminated display – This head unit has an LED display that is illuminated to provide better views during the day. The display is bright enough to see the text clearly even in sunlight. You can also dim the display to reduce glare.
  • Instant Mute Button – You can instantly mute your car’s stereo using just one button. The head unit includes a dedicated mute button, which allows you to instantly mute the sound. You can quickly mute or unmute the sound without needing to use the volume control knob.
  • Preamp outputs at the front and rear – The preamp outputs are located at both the front and the back of the head unit. You can either add two subwoofers to the head unit directly or one additional speaker and one subwoofer. Your portable speaker can be connected to the front preamp output.

  • Is there an equalizer?
  • Extremely affordable
  • Radio tuner that can be switched
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Simple to understand and navigate through the various functions
  • Is there no CD player?
  • It is quite small.
  • Some drivers may be distracted by the dancing LED lights


You have a tight budget and need to replace your headunit. Boss Audio Systems 616UAB is a great replacement single-din stereo and it’s affordable.

Alpine CDE-172BT

The Alpine CDE172BT Bluetooth Receiver may be the most expensive head unit in our review, but it is one of the best and most high-quality options. It has a slim design, with an attractive black faceplate, casing, and illuminated control buttons.

Unique Features

  • CD player – Compact discs may be a bit outdated, but if you love to play music from them or have an old collection, this head unit is for you. The CD player can play most audio files. You don’t need to worry about compatibility.
  • USB drive support – The front panel of the head unit has a USB. The USB allows you to play music files from USB drives, flash disks, and USB card readers. The USB port supports playing music files in many formats, including MP3, FLAC and WMA.
  • Clear LCD display with high contrast – This head unit also has a clear LCD display. The high-contrast design means that even in bright sunlight, you can still see the information displayed. The display also features variable color illumination to enhance its appearance.
  • Internet radio – This head unit is great for streaming personal music or listening to internet radio. It supports Pandora radio on android car stereo and iPhone smartphones. Siri Eyes Free control is also supported. This allows you to send and receive messages, listen to music, and make and take calls using your iPhone hands-free.
  • Radio tuner – The head unit support internet radio and also has an AM/FM radio tuner. Tune in to your favorite radio station and listen to radio talk, or catch up on the latest news.

  • Equalizer for 3-bands
  • Subwoofer level control
  • Low pass filter and high pass filter
  • Six-channel preamplifier outputs
  • Auxiliary input
  • Bluetooth connectivity is very weak
  • Higher price rang


The Alpine CDE172BT Bluetooth Receiver makes a great choice for those who want a premium headunit without having to spend more for it.


While the JENSEN MPR210 head unit may be a low-cost option, it offers advanced features that will enhance your car’s audio experience. You can also be sure of its long-lasting durability by using high-quality parts.

Unique Features

  • Voice Assistance – This head unit has voice assistance support. It supports voice assistance from Siri and Google. Voice commands can be used to control different functions. This will allow you to drive safer as you don’t have to use your hands to control the supported controls.
  • A powerful Bluetooth connection – This head unit offers strong Bluetooth connectivity. The head unit doesn’t cut in and out after being connected as long the connected device is within Bluetooth range. It also allows for rapid Bluetooth pairing.
  • Customizable audio output – This makes it one the best single-din headunits. It also allows for custom sound output. You can choose from 4 preset equalizer options, including jazz, pop and jazz. You can also adjust the tonalities, including treble or bass.
  • USB charging – You have the option to charge your tablet or smartphone using a USB cable from the USB located at the front of the device. You don’t need to worry if your smartphone runs out of battery.
  • High-resolution LCD display – An additional feature of the receiver is a high resolution LCD display that allows for easier reading even in daytime. It displays up 7 characters. You can see enough detail on the LCD.

  • Affordable price range
  • 30 AM/FM radio presets
  • Dedicated mute button
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Controlled from both Android and iPhone smartphones
  • Bluetooth’s volume is slightly lower than radio.
  • The radio cuts in and out a lot.


    The JENSEN MPR210 head unit is among our most affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget looking for a reliable unit.

    Sound Storm Laboratories SDC26B

    Sound Storm Laboratories claims that this head unit has many options to keep you entertained as you drive your car. The front panel has a glossy black finish and a shiny, silver volume knob.

    Unique Features

    • Bluetooth audio streaming – The head unit can stream wireless car audio across Bluetooth. Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and the head unit can be connected to each other. You can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. Your smartphone can be used to access online music services, such as Spotify and Pandora.
    • Preamp outputs – It has four channel outputs and a maximum power output 50 watts each channel. Through the available outputs, you can connect rear and front speakers. The preamp outputs can be used to connect the headunit to an external amp.
    • ID3Tag technology – The receiver features unique 1D3Tag technology. The receiver can display additional data such as the title, track number and name of the artist or album in an audio file.
    • ESP Technology – A unique feature of this receiver’s receiver is its ESP tech. Electronic skip protection is what ESP stands for. This technology allows you to play music from a CD. The buffering of the CD is done when you are playing music and allows you to save five seconds. If the CD is lost or interrupted, the music data stored on the computer will continue to play.
    • Inbuilt Equalizer – The unit includes an equalizer which allows for customizing the sound output. You can adjust the bass or treble using the equalizer. To further customize the sound output, you can also use the fader/balance control.

    • Bluetooth pairing is easy and quick
    • Bluetooth enables hands-free calls
    • Standard AUX input
    • Radio tuner for AM/FM radio
    • Preset equalizer options
    • The front panel can’t be detached
    • Radio stations are known to change at random
    • Apple carplay and android auto


      Sound Storm Laboratories SDC26B Head Unit is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a headunit that offers many options to play music and advanced technology.

      Pyle PLTS78DUB, choosing the best single din touchscreen.

      Pyle created the PLTS78DUB stereo head unit to be the ultimate car stereo. It was specifically designed to support multimedia playback. You’ll be able to enjoy audio and video. It is actually the only head unit to support video playback in our test. Learn more about the features and benefits of this unit.

      Unique Features

      • Foldable touchscreen display – One of the best things about this headunit is its 7-inch touchscreen. Touchscreen control allows for more responsive control than buttons. You can also view the video on the screen. You can easily fold the display back whenever you’re not using it, and then fold it up when you are.
      • Rearview camera supports – This head unit has a unique feature: it supports rearview camera. The unit has a video input that allows you to connect your rear camera or parking cam. The 7-inch display allows you to see the space behind your vehicle when you reverse or park. This makes it easier for you to park your vehicle in tight spaces.
      • Versatile multimedia supports – This single-din stereo supports both video/audio playback. It can be used to play both audio/video from a USB device or SD card. It supports many file formats such as MP3, MP4, MP5, JPEG. AVI and WAV, among others.
      • DVD Player – This head unit includes a DVD player with multi-media disc support. You can play both video or audio discs with the head unit, including common disc formats like DVD, VCD and CD.
      • Multicolor LCD receiver display – Another amazing feature of this head unit is the multicolor LED receiver display. It is possible to select the color display you want from the variety of colors. The display text is also more visible with the colored illumination, especially during daylight hours.

      • Inbuilt microphone
      • Touchscreen display
      • Video input to the rear camera
      • 30 AM/FM radio stations
      • Included with power supply and wiring harness
      • Installation can be difficult
      • You hear less volume when you play videos than when you are listening to audio.
      • After starting your car, you must manually reconnect bluetooth wireless


        The best single din touchscreen head unit display allows for both touch screen control and video to be displayed on this head unit.

        Alpine UTE-73BT

        Alpine continues to make car stereo units with control via smartphone and wireless connectivity. Alpine UTE-73BT has been specifically designed for use with portable devices. It supports both Android and iPhone. The Alpine UTE-73BT is a top pick in our review.

        Unique Features

        • HD Radio Tuner – This head unit will bring radio to your ears in better quality. With the HD radio tuner built into this unit, you’ll be able to listen to HD radio stations. You’ll receive the best radio reception today.
        • Preamp output – The head unit has a separate preamp output. Through the RCA preamp output, you can connect a subwoofer from your car directly to this unit. This means that you can use the car amp for the speakers, and then connect the sub to the headunit
        • Inbuilt Equalizer – You can enhance your sound experience with the equalizer included in this single din. This allows you to customize the sound output in any way you like. The equalizer can be set to adjust for different sound levels, such as more bass or highers.
        • LCD Display – Another amazing feature is the LCD display. This LCD display shows details in white text making it easier for you to see them. So, even on a sunny day, it’s easy to control the headunit and see the displayed data.
        • iPod/iPhone audio playback – This head unit support audio playback on iPhone and iPod devices. It supports audio integration via an iPod USB cable. It supports Pandora music streaming, which can be connected across Bluetooth.

        • USB
        • CD player
        • AM/FM tuner
        • Rear AUX input
        • Bluetooth connectivity
        • Higher price range
        • Bluetooth pairing is limited to 3 devices at a given time


          Alpine UTE-73BT single din is the best head unit for those who want unlimited connectivity options. It is worth adding to your shopping cart.

          JVC KD TD70BT

          JVC has existed for many decades. It’s a trusted brand in audio and video equipment. We love the unique feature of its KD-TD70BT single car stereo. We should look at some of the key features and its benefits.

          Unique Features

          • An external microphone is included with the head unit. It is wired in place. With an external microphone, you will enjoy a distortion-free and better audio experience when calling across Bluetooth.
          • Compatible with both Android devices and iPhones – This is another great head unit if you love to bring your smartphone music into your car. It is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. It allows you to stream music from Spotify or Pandora on your Android or iOS device, as well as iHeartRadio on your iPhone.
          • Unique music sync effects – The headunit comes with unique music synchronization effects. This feature allows for the LED display’s illumination to be adjusted according to the music playing.
          • 13-band Graphic Equalizer – If you enjoy playing with different music settings to alter various effects, then this single car stereo will be a great choice. There are 10 preset options available, as well as a single user option. The equalizer also includes a volume link function and a volume control. You won’t find anything more for equalizing your car’s sound system.
          • Remote control via Bluetooth – Another distinctive feature is the AVRCP functionality. This allows remote control via Bluetooth. This remote technology allows you send commands to skip, forward, play and pause via BT headsets and smartphone applications.

          • Get a pair of earbuds for free
          • Faceplate casing
          • Phonebook access profile
          • 18 FM and 6-AM radio presets
          • Included with the purchase is a wired microphone
          • Remote control sold separately
          • Some button controls can be a little too stiff
          • Bluetooth may not be easy to connect


            The JVC KDTD70BT excels in equalizer controls. This model is perfect for those who love fine-tuning their music for greater entertainment.

            Sony MEX-N4100BT

            The brand Sony has been a familiar name to almost everyone who has ever purchased audio or video equipment. Sony has been around for many years. Its MEX-N4100BT single car stereo boasts unique technologies that rivals can only dream about. You can read more about its unique features.

            Unique Features

            • This head unit supports SiriusXM. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy tuning in to their favorite satellite radio stations. It supports SiriusXM. SiriusXM, a satellite radio dedicated to broadcasting live sports and the latest news, as well as music, is supported by it.
            • 4-channel inbuilt amp – This head unit has a powerful, 4-channel amp. Each channel is rated at 40 watts per channel and 100 watts peak. This means that it can power most speakers with no external amplifier. A subwoofer can be connected to the unit via one of the RCA RCA inputs.
            • NFC connection – NFC connectivity is another unique feature that makes this one of the best single din headunits. NFC connectivity is wireless connectivity that lets you connect your smartphone with NFC capability to the head unit to stream music wirelessly. NFC allows you to pair your smartphone faster and automatically.
            • Inbuilt cross-over – This head unit can be used to connect component speakers. It will ensure that they only reproduce their best frequency ranges and provide the best clarity. This is made possible by the Sony MEX-N4100BT stereo’s inbuilt crossover. This crossover includes both high pass as well as low pass filters.
            • ClearAudio+TM Technology – The head unit combines ClearAudio+TM with DSEE sound technology. These sound technologies are integrated in the head unit’s design to provide rich sound and improved clarity.

            • High-charge USB
            • Front and rear RCA preamp outputs
            • Hands-free Siri Control via iOS devices
            • Bluetooth auto-pairing iPhone/iPod
            • 10-band equalizer featuring mega bass functionality
            • The interface seems a little awkward
            • Resets to factory mode often
            • Produces an “output problem” often to force a factory reset


              The power of the Sony MEX-N4100BT pioneer single din head unit is greater than that of most competitors. It is the perfect choice for powering component speakers or a sub, without the need for an external car amp.

              You need to take into account certain features and factors when selecting the best single din car stereo

              Single din head unit are not all created equal. You can see that each head unit has its unique features. However, some features are common to all of them. There are some features you need to be aware of when making your decision. This will allow you to choose best model for your needs. Here are the key features and factors to be aware of:

              Multi-format support

              Music files come in different formats. Your car’s best head unit should be able to play back multiple file formats. It should be capable of playing the most commonly used file formats, such as WAV and MP3. If the head unit support video, it should play back most video formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG. This will ensure that music files can be played without needing to be converted. You’ll have to either search for the music files in that particular format or convert them each time you play them. You should confirm that the headunit model you are considering can open multiple file formats.

              CD player

              There are many people who still love to listen to compact disc music. A head unit with a CD-player is a good choice if you are a true fan of CD music. You should ensure that the CD player can read all the disc types, such as CD-R, CD-R and CDW. A head unit that includes a DVD player is also an option if you need to play video files from digital versatile disks. While a CD player is not able to play DVDs, a DVD player automatically supports both CD and DVDs. A CD player isn’t a necessity for those who enjoy modern options for music playback.

              USB Port

              USB functionality has become an integral part of almost every audio and video device. A USB port lets a user plug and play flash drive for music playback. You should ensure that the USB is included in the head unit you choose. The USB port should be placed at the front panel, so that it is easy to use. You will be able to connect your flash disk or USB card reader via the USB port. The USB can be used to connect your smartphone with supported apps or for charging. Flash drives can be more portable than compact disks, and they have more storage space. This makes them a must have feature.

              AM/FM Radio

              Sometimes, you might want to hear the latest news and follow live sports on your radio while driving. You should consider buying a head unit with an AM/FM tuner. The unit should include presets of several radio stations that allow for quick tuning and avoid having to scan each station individually every time you turn on your radio. A head unit with a HD radio receiver and satellite radio receiver is also an option if you prefer these to the AM/FM tuner. The choice here should be made based on your personal preferences.

              LCD Display

              A functional single-din receiver should have at least an LCD display. It should be visible even at night. It should also be illuminated in order to provide better visibility on sunny days. The brightness can be adjusted to accommodate different visual abilities. You should also ensure that the display is large enough to allow the text to be seen clearly.

              Affixable faceplate

              Security of your head unit is important. A detachable faceplate is necessary to keep thieves away from your car. A potential burglar will not attempt to break into your car if your headunit doesn’t have one. But, burglars will target car stereo receivers if the head unit has its faceplate on. Choose a single din stereo that can be detached from the faceplate to make it easy to remove when you leave your car in public areas such as malls, streets, or car parks.

              Remote control

              Controlling your head unit is crucial for driving safely and simultaneously controlling your car’s stereo. Remote controls are easier to use than unresponsive buttons when driving. You can have your passenger use the remote control as well to aid you in controlling the car stereo, while you focus on driving.

              Power output rating and built amplifier

              An amplifier amplifies weak signals to increase their power to drive powerful speakers. An amplifier built into a single din receiver allows you to connect components and a subwoofer to your car speakers without needing to buy an external amplifier. You should also ensure that the power output rating of your head unit is adequate to drive your car speakers. This is especially important if you don’t plan on purchasing a standalone car amplifier soon.

              Inbuilt equalizer, crossover

              Do you like to experiment with sound effects or audio frequency. You might consider a single din stereo system that has an inbuilt equalizer. The equalizer allows you to make certain frequencies louder than others. For example, you could make highs or bass more prominent than lows, or vice versa. Or you could make them all equal. For better sound reproduction, it is a good idea to get a receiver with an inbuilt crossover.

              Wireless connectivity

              In today’s digital age, it is almost mandatory to be connected wirelessly. A head unit that supports wireless connectivity is a smart investment. Bluetooth connectivity is a must. This will enable you to stream music wirelessly through Bluetooth.

              Audio output options

              It’s also important to think about the audio output options available for your single din car stereo. It should be capable of connecting to your car speakers via multiple channels. The more channels you have, the more speakers you can connect. You should also make sure that your head unit has at least one output for preamps. A preamp output was specifically designed for direct connection with a car stereo or external car amplifier.

              What is single-din head units?

              A single din radio unit is used for car head units measuring 2×7 inches. A single din can be installed in a single mounting spot without any modifications.

              What is the best way to tell if my car is single or double din head unit in 2022?

              Measure the faceplate of your current head unit. A headunit measuring 2×7 inches is a single-din unit, while a unit measuring 4×7 inches is a dual din.

              Can I interchange single din head units touch screen?

              Yes. Yes. It is possible to swap a factory single-din head unit receiver for an aftermarket one. It is possible to interchange an aftermarket new single DIN head unit with another aftermarket 1 din unit. Even though they may have different features, single din units are the same size so it is possible to interchange them.

              What offers better sound quality for single diners vs double diners?

              Both units offer excellent sound quality, provided that you select a high-quality unit. They differ only in the number of supported features and how large the display is.

              A new single-din headunit with bluetooth and touchscreen will improve the car’s sound quality.

              It all depends on what type of single-din you choose. It is possible to improve the sound quality of your car by replacing a factory single-din with a high audio quality aftermarket one din.

              Final words

              You want the best single din? In our opinion Pyle PLTS 78 DUB is the best, modern stereo system, touchscreen head display unit allows for both touch screen control and video to be displayed on this head unit, you should take a closer look at this option!

              It is important to do extensive research before you buy the best single din receiver. You cannot pick any head unit randomly and expect it to perform well. Single din receivers are made differently. It is important to thoroughly research each model before making your final selection. This guide and review will make it easy to choose an aftermarket single din receiver. To ensure you get the best single din headunit on the market, make sure to read this review. If you’re looking for something more, you might check out our review Double Din units.

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